brigitte BEAUTÉ featured in the April issue of ELLE


brigitte BEAUTÉ featured in the April issue of ELLE

If you're a regular Elle reader you might notice our name pop up in the April issue.

In an interview with our valued client, Alexis Bledel, tells readers about her go-to skincare regimen.

“My friend Brigitte Beasse is also my facialist. She’s like a magician. In the morning, I use the Brigitte BEAUTÉ Phyto-Calming Toner and Collagen Treatment Cream; in the winter, I add Environ’s Intensive Super Moisturizer.”

Mercí to Elle and Alexis, for your sweet words on Brigitte and our brigitte BEAUTÉ skincare!




Rules To Cleanse By

Cleansing. Everyone knows they need to do it, but does everyone know when, why and how to cleanse?

When To Cleanse

The best time to cleanse is at night, before bed.

Avoid washing your face in the morning as the skin will be deprived from its natural protection, called the acid mantle of the skin, which could result in dryness, oiliness or combination skin.

Mornings are for simply toning your skin.

Why You Should Cleanse

Cleansing is important to wash away any dirt collected during the day. It has been proven that polluted micro particles go into the pores and prevent your skin from breathing and receiving the appropriate skin care nutriments, resulting in a poor skin complexion, oxidation, and premature skin aging.

For those who use foundation and powder,  a Clarisonic face brush is also highly recommended to properly cleanse the face.

Also, daily cleansing prevents sebum from hardening into the pores resulting in visible black heads which may become pimples.

How To Properly Cleanse

  • Wash face with warm or tepid water - never hot!
  • Avoid friction and excessive heat. Overstimulation from scrubbing and hot water is a prime cause of dilated capillaries on the face.
  • Avoid washing your face in the direct spray of a hot shower.
  • Don’t rub your skin too much as it may irritate skin and exacerbate a breakout.
  • Dry with disposable tissue, not towels which will spread bacteria over your face.

What Is The Best Cleanser For Your Skin

Cleanser for dry, sensitive skin: pick a gentle cleanser with roman chamomile, lavender, calendula extracts.
Cleanser for oily skin: favor any foaming cleanser with grapefruit extracts, any citrus peel oils.
Cleanser for acneic skin: any salicylic, grapefruit extracts, citrus peel oil will help control the production of sebum. Pick one with glycolic acid in case of ingrown hair.
Cleanser for sun damaged, more mature skin: Lactic acid or glycol milk cleanser will help exfoliate any dry skin cells and surface pigments.

Always remember to tone after you cleanse your face. This removes any of the hard chlorine water deposits. Toning is like 'Windex' for your skin.


If you're not sure about the right regimen for your skin type, the specialists at brigitte BEAUTÉ will help you during a consultation.





Premature aging can start as early as in your twenties when sun spots and fine lines start to show! Your sun capacity has already been used throughout your youth and teenage years spent in the sun.

But, never fear, as it I never too late to start reversing the ageing process.

Regular, monthly lactic acid peels, double up as tyrosinase inhibitors as well as exfoliation enhancers. This will safely remove spots and smooth out fine lines! 

You should also follow a customized skin care regimen at home, morning and night. 

Although it’s not customized, this is a good daily skin care regimen for everyone:

In the Morning

Avoid excess cleansing or exfoliation. This will cause the destruction of the natural acidic environment of the skin that has developed during your beauty sleep. This natural acidic environment, also called the Acid Mantle of the skin, is meant to protect you from free radicals such as sun and pollution.  

Keep it simple and tone with a gentle PH toner (close to 5.6), then apply sunscreen, making sure it is an UVA/UVB sun proof protection!

Before Bed

It’s time to cleanse, exfoliate and apply vitamins!

We recommend exfoliating with an Alpha Hydroxy toner. This toner removes the chlorine from hard water, helps cellular turnover by creating a natural exfoliation due its low PH and facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients contained in night time serums and moisturisers.

Medical grade vitamins A and C are always the best options. Vitamin A will help and accelerate the cellular turnover. Help boost collagen with the powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin C

  1. Cleanse your face also by adding Clarisonic Facebrush (Clarisonic Facebrushes do not create any exfoliation but perfect cleansing). 
  2. Tone with an AHA toner to create a natural exfoliation respecting the acidic PH of the skin. 
  3. Apply medical grade vitamins A and C. The best is to gradually level up the amount of vitamin A so as not to create any retinoid skin reactions.

Voila! Beautiful!

The Brigitte BEAUTE Advanced Skin Care Specialists can advise you on your custom routine based on your skin type. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, just off Rodeo Drive, come and visit our relaxing and luxurious spa.


Fathers Day Special


Fathers Day Special

Father’s Day is just around the corner. . .

Can you think of a better time to introduce a new grooming ritual into that special man’s life?

With the rise of the men’s grooming industry and the change of seasons, it just seems to be the perfect time! Whoever represents this very special man: your husband, father, son or just a dear friend, the brigitte BEAUTE team has dedicated an exclusive Signature Quix Fix Facial Treatment with a boost of medical grade Oxygen for him. A perfect way to introduce him to the world of facials! Starting with brigitte BEAUTE Tension Relief Balm, he will drift into deep relaxation, while getting his skin gets perfectly cleaned, refreshed, rejuvenated and toned. The finishing touch of medical grade Oxygen will not only detoxify his skin, but also reinvigorate his whole body. 

Why not spoil him this Father’s Day with this exclusive Facial Treatment? It very well may be the gift he never knew he always wanted!  Brigitte BEAUTE ensures that this treatment is perfect for a first time facial! No special care is needed prior to receiving this treatment. Our skincare specialists will make sure he leaves with skincare recommendations and feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed. 

Please don’t forget to book before June 19th and mention this special offer: Father’s Day Special Quick Fix Treatment with Complimentary Oxygen.  

Book today by calling 310.858.4038  :-)

Gift certificates can mailed to you or to the recipient at your convenience.



How early does the signs of premature aging start?


How early does the signs of premature aging start?

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