Cleansing. Everyone knows they need to do it, but does everyone know when, why and how to cleanse?

When To Cleanse

The best time to cleanse is at night, before bed.

Avoid washing your face in the morning as the skin will be deprived from its natural protection, called the acid mantle of the skin, which could result in dryness, oiliness or combination skin.

Mornings are for simply toning your skin.

Why You Should Cleanse

Cleansing is important to wash away any dirt collected during the day. It has been proven that polluted micro particles go into the pores and prevent your skin from breathing and receiving the appropriate skin care nutriments, resulting in a poor skin complexion, oxidation, and premature skin aging.

For those who use foundation and powder,  a Clarisonic face brush is also highly recommended to properly cleanse the face.

Also, daily cleansing prevents sebum from hardening into the pores resulting in visible black heads which may become pimples.

How To Properly Cleanse

  • Wash face with warm or tepid water - never hot!
  • Avoid friction and excessive heat. Overstimulation from scrubbing and hot water is a prime cause of dilated capillaries on the face.
  • Avoid washing your face in the direct spray of a hot shower.
  • Don’t rub your skin too much as it may irritate skin and exacerbate a breakout.
  • Dry with disposable tissue, not towels which will spread bacteria over your face.

What Is The Best Cleanser For Your Skin

Cleanser for dry, sensitive skin: pick a gentle cleanser with roman chamomile, lavender, calendula extracts.
Cleanser for oily skin: favor any foaming cleanser with grapefruit extracts, any citrus peel oils.
Cleanser for acneic skin: any salicylic, grapefruit extracts, citrus peel oil will help control the production of sebum. Pick one with glycolic acid in case of ingrown hair.
Cleanser for sun damaged, more mature skin: Lactic acid or glycol milk cleanser will help exfoliate any dry skin cells and surface pigments.

Always remember to tone after you cleanse your face. This removes any of the hard chlorine water deposits. Toning is like 'Windex' for your skin.


If you're not sure about the right regimen for your skin type, the specialists at brigitte BEAUTÉ will help you during a consultation.